Local influencers for your marketing strategy!



January 31, 2019


1 minute reading

Nowadays, social media is the new marketplace. As such, we can increase our visibility and number of closed deals if we know how to use them and the potential of the people in it.

Influencer marketing consists of "hiring" influential people for them to spread awareness of your brand and services.

The idea here is that they can influence their followers to buy/experiment/test what you have to offer. Always look for influencers connected to your area of business.

If you're a local company, focus on long term partnerships with local influencers.

The first step is for you to analyze if, according to your location, this strategy makes sense. After that, search for people that you know will give you visibility, that are recognized by a big part of your target audience. Make a list with your main influencers, get to know them, understand what they can offer you and the number of people that will see their posts.

Look at this example from one of our clients:

A landing page was created for each influencer, with a 10% discount offer. This offer was shared weekly on their profiles.

What can you accomplish with this?

Visibility, leads, and engagement with a local audience. In this case, each influencer was able to capture 20 qualified leads within a month.

Very quickly, if we do some math:

10 influencers + 20 leads a month each = 200 qualified leads per month.

At the end of the year, they'll have 2.400 qualified leads, with an organic influencer strategy.


What are you waiting for to start using this strategy on your company?

Find out how we can help you monitor the performance of each influencer and get monthly results like these.

"We do a lot of one night stands in lead generation and not enough in long-term relationships."

Mike King, Founder of iPullRank