Landing Pages are not the only path for conversions!



January 22, 2019


1 minute reading

"A specific, defined series of activities used in marketing a new or changed product or service, or in using new marketing channels and methods"


This is how Entrepreneur defines a marketing campaign. And, in accordance with this, we want to help you with your marketing campaigns.

More than capturing leads through Landing Pages, you should keep a segmented relationship with those leads. Always look to create different groups of potential clients and communicate with them, through email or SMS. 

What's the goal?
Briefly, capture leads with Landing Page, convert those leads into clients, create an email/SMS flows for those that didn't convert. 

"Warm" the leads that get stuck in your funnel by creating attractive content about the brand, showing your company, sharing news, highlighting your collaborators, showing clients case studys, videos, among others. When you have a flash campaign, the leads will be "warmer" for conversion and cost per conversion will be lower.

How should you do this?
Newsletters are one of the most effective ways of sharing content about your company and what you have to offer.  Again, separate your leads and send different content for each group.

SMS's are great to communicate flash campaigns. See the example below of the number of active users (in real time) that one of our clients had with an SMS campaign.

Always seek to use more than one way of recapturing leads that you have as lost deal or follow-up, and only then should you close your marketing campaign!

"The sales team owns the sales funnel. But as a B2B marketer, you feed the top of their funnel."

Doug Kessler, Creative Director of Velocity Partners